Order Management

Order management in e-commerce involves tracking and handling customer orders from the moment they are placed to the time they are delivered, and even beyond for returns or exchanges. An efficient order management system (OMS) is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction, ensuring accurate order fulfillment, and streamlining business operations. Here’s an overview of order management in e-commerce, including key components, processes, and best practices.

Everything you need to collect in Order Management‚Äč

1. Customer Information

2. Order

3. Shipping Information

4. Payment Information

5. Inventory Information

6. Customer Interaction Records

7. Compliance and Legal Information

8. Analytics and Reporting Data

Managing your payments quickly is possible

Organize and manage charges

from your online store such as Mercado Pago, physical location or social networks.

Simply track it

, print receipts and generate remittances.

Find your buyers' database

and download all their information.

The Ideal Invoicing System for WooCommerce Sellers