Best Files Management CRM Software

A CRM with document management helps companies store and organize important files like sales proposals, company profiles, presentations, templates, and client information. With a file management feature, you can upload, edit, and share files through a public link with your team or people outside the organization, making work faster and more efficient.

Several excellent options are available if you’re looking for files management CRM software in Pakistan or on-premise document management CRM software, particularly in Lahore. CRM software that excels in file management facilitates the effective storage, arrangement, and handling of important business paperwork, including sales proposals, company profiles, presentations, templates, and client data.

Benefits of

Cloud Document Management CRM Software for Business Operations

Document management in the cloud Numerous advantages of CRM software can greatly improve corporate operations.


Using any internet-connected device, you may view your papers at any time and from any location with online document management crm software


Facilitating the sharing of documents among team members and external partners promotes improved cooperation and collaboration.


Use modern security techniques to safeguard your private data, such as encryption and frequent backups.


You may grow your business and meet your storage needs without making large infrastructure investments.

Support for Multiple Formats:

PNG, PDF, JPEG, and CSV documents can be attached and stored. This tool makes it easier to store and exchange papers in any format.

Preview & Download:

Permit users to download, search, and read documents that have been added to particular leads. Users can browse and download documents fast with the help of these functions.


Improve workflow efficiency with easy document search, retrieval, and management features.

Real-Time Updates:

Use version control and real-time document updates to ensure everyone works with the most recent information. .


Increase productivity by integrating easily with various company software and solutions.


Keep up with industry laws by using strong document management tools that guarantee accurate data management and record keeping.

Disaster Recovery:

Protect your papers from unforeseen occurrences and ensure business continuity with dependable disaster recovery choices.

Custom Reports:

Generates custom reports to support decision-making and track key performance indicators (KPIs).

Make property management easier with CRM document management – access leases, contracts, and client details with just one click.

Why Choose a CRM with Document Management?

All of your customer data is expertly managed by a basic CRM. Names, addresses, phone numbers, and interactions of your clients are stored in this robust database. You may additionally annotate individual clients and deal with a top-notch CRM. It’s an effective sales and marketing technique that can boost revenue and improve client satisfaction.

Although CRMs are excellent at managing structured data, sales teams often handle much unstructured data, including product brochures, whitepapers, and datasheets. Not to mention records related to the transaction, like contracts, statements of work, order forms, and invoices.

What is a Document Management CRM System?

Digital business documents can be stored and managed with the help of a document management system. Consider spreadsheets, Word documents, PDFs, photos, and pretty much any other type of data arranged into a single unit. These documents would include, among other things, contracts, invoices, and datasheets from a business standpoint. Ultimately, even the smallest of businesses must manage hundreds or even thousands of documents.

Businesses must manage who has access to which papers and keep track of all those documents. Processes for scanning paper documents and maintaining separate copies of each document prepared for legal purposes must also be in place.  

Top Document Management CRM Software

Regarding the top files management CRM software online, Zameen CRM stands out as a leader, especially in the real estate domain. It performs exceptionally well not just in managing documents but also in offering centralised storage for client files, agreements, and real estate listings. This makes sure that vital documents are organised and easily accessible. Document security is a top priority for Zameen CRM, which offers reliable safeguards like encryption and access controls to protect critical data. Document management procedures are further streamlined by its smooth interaction with real estate listings. In addition, Zameen CRM provides real time teamwork on documents through collaboration features, which makes it the perfect choice for secure and effective document handling in real estate transactions.